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Clay Prints

Capture that moment in time with our beautiful baby hand and foot prints in clay. They are fabulous keepsakes for all the family to treasure. We will paint them any colour of your choice then expertly glaze and fire them to proudly display in your home.

Please call to book your one to one appointment with our experienced staff. Please allow eight weeks for completion, slightly longer at busier times.


Booking is essential

How it works


Step 1 We will roll out fresh clay. While you hold your baby, we will gently print their hand or foot


Step 2 After about a month, when it has completely dry it will have it's first firing.


Step 3 We will paint your prints in colours of your choice. Then we will glaze and fire a second time.



One hand or one foot print £20

One hand print and one foot £30

Dogs can have their paws printed too £20 for one or £30 for two

Framing available upon request for small prints £15 extra

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