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Schools and Clubs

With exclusive use of the studio we can fit in with you to create a fun, educational and interesting workshop morning or afternoon which can be used for art, history or geography. Many schools have painted beautiful tiles after learning about Egyptians, Greeks or Victorians at school.

Designs are usually created at school in regular lessons then brought to the workshop. We will explain how to transfer their ideas to a 6”tile, how the paint works and how to adapt the design for ceramics. Once completed and the children have left we expertly glaze and fire the tiles. The results are always truly stunning. All equipment is provided.

Please call the studio to discuss your needs on 01623 620781.

In addition to schools we have lots of visits from Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Beavers. We can open the studio for you in the evening at your usual meeting time or whenever suits you so the children can try something a little different. We can cater for all budgets and idea, just give us a call.

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